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"Kevin Rowland y Kevin "Al" Archer fundaron el grupo en 1978 en Birmingham, Inglaterra con el nombre de Dexedrine. La parte del nombre The midnight runners se refiere a la energía que la Dexedrine daba y que posibilitaba bailar toda la noche. "Big" Jim Paterson, Jeff "JB" Blythe, Steve "Babyface" Spooner, Pete Saunders, Pete Williams y Bobby "Jnr" Ward formaban la alineación completa del grupo cuando sacaron el sencillo "Dance Stance" (1979). La canción fue lanzada en el sello independiente Oddball Records y alcanzó el 40 en listas británicas. Su segundo sencillo llamado "Geno" por Geno Washington y lanzado por EMI fue número uno en listas británicas de 1980. En este ya aparecían los nuevos integrantes Andy Leek y Andy "Stoker" Growcott.
Los miembros de la banda, descontentos con la división de los beneficios secuestraron las cintas maestras de Searching for the Young Soul Rebels, su álbum debut, para renegociar su contrato. El álbum fue lanazado en 1980 y fue un gran éxito. El sencillo "There, There, My Dear" fue un éxito y después de este, Rowland insistió en escoger la poco comercial "Keep It Part Two (Inferiority Part One)" como el siguiente sencillo, que fue un fracaso rotundo y la mayoría de los miembros de la banda se retiraron por lo continuos problemas personales con Rowland. Paterson se quedó, y llamaron a Billy Adams, Seb Shelton, Micky Billingham, Brian Maurice, Paul Speare y Steve Wynne (bass) con los que lanzó "Plan B", "Show Me" y "Liars A to E" en 1981 sin mucho éxito.
Rowland reclutó a los violinistas Helen O'Hara, Steve Brennan y Roger MacDuff y con ellos grabó Too-Rye-Ay en 1982, un álbum mezcla de soul y sonidos celtas. El primer sencillo "The Celtic Soul Brothers" fue medianamente famoso pero "Come on Eileen" fue número uno en listas británicas y estadounidenses, convirtiendose en el sencillo mas vendido de ese año."
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Back in 68 in a sweaty club / Before Jimmy's machine and the rocksteady rub / On a night when flowers didn't suit my shoes / After a week of flunkin' and bunkin' school / The lowest head in the crowd that night / Just practisin' steps and keepin' outa fights. / Academic inspiration you gave me none / Ah but you were Michale the lover / The fighter that won. / And look at me now looking down at you / No I'm not being a flash it's what I'm built to do. That man took the stage with his towel swingin' high / This man was my bombers my dexys my high / The crowd they all hailed you and chanted your name / Ah but they never knew like we knew / Me and you we're the same. / Now you're all over your song is so tame / You fed me you bred me / I'll remember your name.

You gave me your ace card / I gave you my time / In a day of confusion / I said Id stash it with mine / But now my temperatures rising / My back has grown small / If you keep on calling / I dont think Ill give anymore / Cos you drank my blood / And theres no more left for you / Yes you shot to kill / But you couldnt see it through / We could have wrecked this place / Won another race / Could have walked scot-free out of here / You held out your greasy hand / It slipped away / I could have died.


Dear Robin Youre always so happy, how the hell do you get your inspiration? Youre like a dumb patriot. If youre supposed to be so angry, why dont you fight and let me benefit from your right? Dont you know the only way to change things is to shoot men who arrange things, Dear Robin I would explain but youd never see in a million years. Well, youve made your rules, but we dont know that game, perhaps Id listen to your records but your logics far too lame and Id only waste three valuable minutes of my life with your insincerity. You see Robin, Im just searching for the young soul rebels, and I cant find them anywhere. Where have you hidden them? Maybe you should welcome the new soul vision.


Well, you know the kind of people / That put creases in their old Levis? Sure / The type that use expressions like tongue in cheek and send up? / Indeed l do / I don't like these kind of people No? / May I state here and now, / But I can't help thinking, / All the time Im thinking of her / What's she like? In time, in time / Let me put it another way Please do. / Well, you know how the English upper classes are thick and / Ignorant and not used to being with people? / That's true / You're familiar with the scum from Notting Hill and Moseley / The C N D ? Sure / They describe nice things as wonderful / She never would say that, / She's totally different in every way / What's she like / In time, in time / Tell me, what's she like? / Come again? / Tell me, what's she like? / In time in time / Well, this is what she's like / I would like to express myself at this point / Go ahead [...]


Poor old Johnny Ray sounded sad upon the radio / He broke a million hearts in mono / Our mothers cried, / Sang along / Who'd blame them? / You're grown (you're grown up) / So grown (so grown up) / Now I must say more than ever / Come on Eileen too-ra loo-ra too-ra loo rye aye / And we can sing just like our fathers / Come on Eileen, oh, I swear (well he means) / At this moment, you mean everything / You in that dress, my thoughts, I confess / Verge on dirty / Oh come on Eileen / These people round here, were beaten down eyes / Sunk in smoke dried faces, so resigned to what their fate is / But not us, (no never) / No not us (no never) / We are far to young and clever / (Remember) / too-ra loo-ra too-ra loo rye aye / Eileen, I'll hum this tune forever / Come on Eileen, oh, I swear (well he means) / Oh come on let's, take off everything / That pretty red dress Eileen tell him yes / Oh come on let's, oh come on Eileen / that pretty red dress Eileen tell him yes / Ah come on lets / Come on Eileen / Please [...]


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