jueves, 4 de diciembre de 2008

DI-VERSOS. Three Marxist Essays - Jack Spicer (1962)

[Imagen: Derek Fenner]

Homosexuality and Marxism

There should be no rules for this but it should be
simultaneous if at all.

Homosexuality is essentially being alone. Which is
a fight against the capitalist bosses who do not want
us to be alone. Alone we are dangerous.

Our dissatisfaction could ruin America. Our love
could ruin the universe if we let it.

If we let our love flower into the true revolution
we will be swamped with offers for beds.


The Jets and Marxism

The jets hate politics. They grew up in fat cat society
that didn't even have a depression or a war in it. They are
against capital punishment.

They really couldn't care less. They wear switch-blade
knives tied with ribbons. They know that which runs
this country is an IBM machine connected to an IBM
machine. They never think of using their knives against
its aluminum casing.

A League Against Youth and Fascism should be formed
immediately by our Party. They are our guests. They are


The Jets and Homosexuality
Once in the golden dawn of homosexuality there was
a philosopher who gave the formula for a new society -
"from each, according to his ability, to each accordingto his need."

This formula appears in the New Testament - the
parable of the fig tree - and elsewhere.

To continue the argument is fruitless.

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