lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

ESPECIAL 5º ANIVERSARIO. De-Blogging: Misanthrope

I'm interested in writing fiction and poetry and have found blogging to be an invaluable tool in my efforts to become a better writer, as well as help me in my pursuit of eventually getting published.  I keep two blogs, one for an ongoing piece of fiction in installments, the other for poetry that I write.  The former I use to hone my skills as writer: I add a small piece every weekend, giving myself only a couple hours, without preparation, to extend, embellish, structure, and layer the story.  At the same time, I give myself writing exercises each week.  For example, I may say to myself, 'Let's work on imagery this week' or 'Let's get as spare as we can in the writing' or 'Let's write in a style of reportage,' or 'Let's work on dialogue,' etc.  The latter I use for verse I've written in the past and just want to see somewhere other than in a notebook somewhere under a pile of books in my bedroom.  I also put up new work for friends to read; in a sense, it's almost an exposing sort of journal or diary in poetic form, showing my insides in a way that I don't normally reveal.

What's interesting is that because this fiction and poetry is published on these blogs, it is actually published.  It's out in the marketplace.  I'm making no money from it of course, however, people have access to it and can read it and enjoy (or not enjoy) it.  Blogging helps fulfill the writer's greatest desire, to be read.  Another desire of the writer that can potentially be fulfilled by blogging is to see his work on the shelves of bookstores.  Or at least, I think this is a great hope of a lot of unpublished writers who blog.  Because the work is also available to publishers and agents looking for new talent, there's the chance, however slight, that one may come across a writer's work on a blog and decide that this is a fresh new voice that needs to be heard.

This last may be a bit far-fetched, but on a more local, personal note, I've noticed that since I've started my blogs that others actually consider me a writer.  I'm one of them now.  Someone throwing his words on paper - or on virtual paper - and screaming to be heard.  Putting my worldview out for all to see.  Scraping by at a meaningless job to support myself while my innards burn with the desire to get more words out of my brain and into the brains of others through their eyes.

But I have worries about blogging.  Copyright is the first worry.  I really don't see a way to prevent someone else from stealing my writing.  Or my ideas and fashioning them into words of their own.  The second worry is hacking.  What's preventing some jerk from hacking into my blog and screwing it up?  Nothing but the blog site I use, which I trust is competent enough to stop a hacking.  Also, many blogs allow readers to register complaints against blogs for spam or inappropriate content.  From my experience, this a guilty until proven innocent process, in which blogs are immediately shut down, many times with loss of all data, and the blogger has to prove that he is not doing anything illegal, immoral, or wrong.  Last, there is a concern about competition.  There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on the world wide web now.  How does one get his read?  Word of mouth?  Advertising, such as Google Adwords?   Just dumb luck?  There is the risk of being a small voice that goes unheard in the cyberspace wilderness because one is just not tech savvy enough to maximize his blog's exposure.  But that, of course, is not the fault of the blog itself but the blogger.

All in all, I think the good things about blogging outweigh the concerns.  One thing we shouldn't worry about is blogging overtaking print books.  At least, not anytime soon.  Until there is a lightweight, portable, durable high-speed e-book that can connect to the internet and offers pages as clear as the printed page, hardcover and paperback books are safe.  The technology's just not there yet.  In order to replace the printed book, the powers that be have got to offer something better.  So far, they haven't.  But then again, that IPhone is pretty nifty, isn't it?



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